Joint Call on “More transparent agri-food systems for consumers and other stakeholders along the food value chain based on ICT technologies” in April 2022

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Uutinen - Julkaistu 4.4.2022

The ERA-NET Cofund ICT-AGRI-FOOD will launch a Joint Call for transnational, collaborative, inter-/ transdisciplinary research and innovation projects addressing the challenge of transforming the European agri-food systems into sustainable, resilient, transparent and fair systems as outlined below.

The call will be funded by national/regional funds of partners of ICT-AGRI-FOOD.

Proposals submitted to the Call must address one of the three following topics:

  1. Agri-food systems enabled by interconnected digital technologies that are more
    transparent to consumers, farmers and other stakeholders along the agri-food value chain
  2. Identify, address and remove barriers for adoption of ICT technologies in the agrifood systems
  3. Development and impact estimation (if applicable: evaluation) of data-driven
    reward and incentive systems to support sustainable and resilient farm management

Envisaged launch of the call: mid of April 2022.

More information:

News article from Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry




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