Horizon Europe: The Green Era Hub Call Pre-registration July 20th 2023

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Uutinen - Julkaistu 12.6.2023

The Green ERA Hub Call is open for the submission of proposals that will make “Contributions to a sustainable and resilient agri-food system”.

The deadline for pre-registration of proposals is July 20th.
The deadline for full proposal submission is September 7th.



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Webinar for applicants on June 20th 2023

About The Green Era Hub

The Green ERA-Hub (GEH) is a project within the Horizon Europe framework, that started in September 2022. The GEH will provide clear perspectives for ERA-Nets, ERA-Net Cofunds, national research funders and researchers in the Agri-food and biotechnology sector to find dedicated support at the level of information, communication, cooperation, networking and joint transnational funding that best fits their needs. And will contribute to maintaining and strengthening Europe’s highly competitive position in agri-food and biotechnology research.


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