Sumforestin tutkimusohjelmahaku avautuu 21.3.2016

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FP7 ERA-NET Sumforest avaa tutkimusohjelmahaun ”Sustainable forests for the society of the future” 21.3.2016.

Haulla haetaan tutkimusehdotuksia, jotka tukevat metsien monikäyttöön liittyvää päätöksentekoa ja se on tarkoitettu monikansallisille tutkimuskonsortioille. Haku sulkeutuu 17. kesäkuuta 2016. Hakukielenä on englanti. Suomalaisille tutkijoille rahoitusta on tulossa 600 000 €.

Lisätietoa tutkimushausta Sumforestin-sivuilla.


Dear experts,

The FP7 ERA-NET Sumforest pre-announces the upcoming call for transnational collaborative research projects. The call will open on the 21st March 2016 with a closing date for proposals on the 17th June 2016.

The title of the call is ”Sustainable forests for the society of the future”. The present call for proposals focuses on basic and applied research that aims to support policy decisions regarding multifunctional forestry. Proposals are expected to be transnational, and innovative forms of cooperation such as interdisciplinarity are encouraged.

A one-step application will be used in this call. Proposals (in English language) must be submitted electronically. An optional pre-registration until the 20th May 2016 is strongly recommended to ensure eligibility. Instructions regarding submission, eligibility, evaluation criteria and other relevant information will be made available on the webpage:

For secretariat support please contact: Vera Steinberg, or +49 (0)228 6845 3653.

All this information is written in detail in the pre-announcement, that can be downloaded by clicking on this link.


Looking forward to your proposals,

Martin Greimel and Vera Steinberg


Julkaistu 25.2.2016

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